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Workshops online via Zoom

Have you missed the workshop “how to build your own Snuffle garden during the PDTE online Summit?

Don't worry here is your second chance!

Do you want to build a garden for your own dog, for other dogs, start a commercial garden or for a shelter?

During a 1,5 hour workshop I will inform you about the topics below:

•      What is a Snuffle garden?

•      For which group of dogs suitable?

•      Advantages of a Snuffle garden

•      What does a Snuffle garden look like?

•      Different types of Snuffle gardens

•      Use materials on which dogs can use all their scents on in the garden

•      Building a Snuffle garden for Private use /shelter/dogschool etc 

•      Materials, budget, fundraising?

•      Snuffle garden rules and much more


You can follow the workshop via ZOOM.

Workshop data:

Workshop data in 2021: 

Sunday 7 March from 16.00 - 17.30 hours (Amsterdam time zone) in German

Sunday 21 March from 16.00 -17.30 hours (Amsterdam time zone) in German

In case you live in another time zone and you want to join the workshop on another date / time , please let me know and we can look for a suitable timeframe.

Private or incompany workshops are also possible. 

Price as from February 2021 is eur 12,50- per person inc VAT, you will receive an invoice, an ebook and a participation certificate.

We will donate eur 2,50 per person to the shelter in Kaiserslautern for their Snuffle Garden.

If you want to join a workshop please send an email to : 

Read here more about the Snuffle Garden in the shelter in Kaiserslautern