Straydog, SA anxiety & snuffle garden Dog coach




- Natural Dogtrainer Education (NDTE),d Natural Dogtrainer &

  gedragskundige (PDTE) 5 stars according to the principles of the famous Norwegian dog trainer 

  Turid Rugaas (Calming Signs in Koningslust) (2017)

- Nutrition education  for dogs by  Lotte Botter (2018)

Nosework for dogs by Anne Lill Kvam bij Calming Signs in Koningslust (2019).

- Understanding Stress in Dogs van Animal Therapy Works ( August 2020)

-- Doggy daycare education  (Swedish education) by Cilla Danielsson  Hundens Hus in Stockholm (March 2021)

Advanced Animal Training by Karolina Westlund (will be finished 2021)

I have been a speaker on the 2020 annual dog trainer event of the PDTE.

Country representative PDTE (Pet Dog Trainer Europe) for Sweden since 2021


 - Webinar: Resource Guarding Management by Trish King & Sue Sternber (March 2021)

- Webinar : Worried about Seperation Anxiety? Malena DeMartini (february2021)

Webinar Memory matters by Amber Batson (februari 2021)

- Webinar Preventing Seperation Anxiety by Malena DeMartini (december 2020)

- Webinar Identifying treating Seperation Anxiety by Moira Hechenleitner (december 2020)

- Webinar New Innovations in BAT Leash Skills by Grisha Steward (december 2020)

- Webinar "raising a rescue" by Leanne McWade (oktober 2020)

- PDTE online summit 2020 -  

- Webinar "Why Animals need trainers who adhere to the least intrusive principle " by Susan Friedman (sept 2020)

- Webinar " Understanding a Dogs mind" by  Ian Shivers (aug 2020)

- Webinar "Working with the aggressive dog" by  Danielle Beck  (juli 2020) 
- Webinar about seperation anxiety by Happy Office Dogs (May 2020)

- Webinar about dominance by Monique Bladder (april 2020)

- Online training  by Alldogsaregood by Harriet Alexander, Winkie Spiers, Kirsti Grant about enriched environment, how to reach more paws and  van track to couch (januari & februari 2020)

- PDTE AGM in Rome with readings by Turid Rugaas, Amber Batson, Anne Lill Kvam (september 2019)

- Seminar about high sensitive dogs by Ineke van der Aa (november 2018)

- Seminar "barking mad, abnormal behaviour in the dog" by Dr. Amber Batson (October 2018)

- Seminar  "Hoe fysieke oefeningen het gedrag van de hond beïnvloedt" by Els Vidts(september 2018) 

- Seminar  "Stress in dogs " by Petra Driesen (juni 2018)

- Seminar  "thyroid and behaviour" by Petra Driessen (April 2018) 

- Seminar  “tips about nosework for dogs" by Michelle Vrolijk (2017)

- Problem solving, social walks, healthy home, stress, overtraining, etc. by Winkie Spiers (2017)

- Seminar about stress by Monique Bladder (2016)

- De zin en onzin van vaccineren by Tannetje Koning (2016)

- Keeping your dog healty by Turid Rugaas (2015)

- Joined ICAWC (International Companion Animal Welfare Conference)  from Dogstrust in Budapest (2009) and in Istanbul (2014)

-  Dogs Trust International Training in Londen, UK (2010)


 Volunteer work:

- NGO Amor Para Perros/Liefde voor honden (2018-2021).  I helped people with their adopted dogs who got questions and problems about behaviour. .

- NGO WereldAsielen, Project employee for  Animal Help Uruguay.  (2007-2021)

- Volunteer on location during spay and neuter marathon for straydogs  in Bacau, Romania (2016)

- Volunteer on location for Dierenopvang Bosnie during spay and neuter project for straydogs in Zenica,  Bosnia (2011)

-  Volunteer work in the shelter from Animal Rescue Sofia in Sofia, Bularije (2011)

-  Volunteer for the organisation of two straydog conferences in the Netherlands (2010 en 2011)

-  Volunteer in shelter for Animal Help in Pando, Uruguay (2007)

-  Volunteer for Dutch Animal Protection NGO  (2005 -2009)


 foto: gemaakt in Zenica tijdens castratie marathon met Dierenopvang Bosnië