Straydog, SA anxiety & snuffle garden Dog coach

Partners from Friends4Ever

Dutch Dogschool Loebas in Amsterdam. 

Together we developed a programm for people who adopted a dog.

and you can book my webinar about Seperation Anxiety also via Loebas.

See also :

German Association Verein High5
for the members of the association High5  I give webinars about separation anxiety, making a snuffle garden for your dog and what can you do if your dog likes to hunt.

Education pain in dogs from Michelle Vrolijk

Pijn bij honden - Michelle Vrolijk
speaker at this event with my workshop "how to build a snuffle garden" for your dog (May 2021)

Australian Labradoodle Association Europe

For the members of the Australian Labradoodle Association Europe I gave in Dutch language the Webinar "Seperation Anxiety" (May 2021)

Tierheim Kaiserslautern

For the board of the shelter in Kaiserslautern I gave the Webinar in German language "Seperation Anxiety" (May 2021)

PDTE online Summit international event for dogtrainers

Speaker on this event with my workshop "How to build a snuffle garden for your dog" (Sept 2020)

Edupet / Prins 

Soon more information

I am open to more partnerships. when you are interested than please send a mail to or phone me on 0031-(0) 6 28 08 05 05