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Help does my dog have Separation Anxiety? 

You come home and your neighbor is angry because your dog has been barking all the time or your dog has ripped apart the cushions, peed in the house, scratched the door etc.?

What we strive for is a dog that feels relaxed, safe, at home in our absence.

Does my dog ​​have separation anxiety now?

There are many studies on what exactly Separation Anxiety is. With me you get the most recent information based on the latest insights and studies. The main characteristics are fear which manifests itself in panic and your dog will only stop barking, demolishing, etc. until you come home.

Separation anxiety is not:
- The dog barks because it heard another dog outside and it stops barking after 2 minutes.
- The dog has urinated in the house because he was not taken out properly, this has nothing to do with separation anxiety.
- You have a "velcro dog" and your dog follows you all day long. This does not mean that you have a dog with separation anxiety.

Seperation Anxiety:

This is very annoying and frustrating for both the dog and the owner.

You no longer dare to leave home, but how should this continue?


I'm going to help you with this!

Separation anxiety can be solved!


Mail to to get in touch with me and we will make an appointment for an intake by telephone.

The price for this intensive online, one-on-one, coaching is Eur 250, -

  • This includes 3 months of coaching in which we have daily contact from the moment you start the training program. 
  • You will receive a hand-out about separation anxiety, the training program and an e-document containing the step-by-step plan for your dog.

In the first telephone consultation we will talk about:

  • What is separation anxiety? What does a dog feel?
  • Why does a dog get separation anxiety
  • Create an individual step-by-step plan on how to teach my dog ​​to be home alone safely
  • We have daily contact with each other via WhatsApp about progress
  • Together we watch the video images of your dog during the training program
  • After three months, we evaluate the situation and define the follow-up steps.


How long will it take for the problem to be resolved?

Of course you want to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible, but unfortunately there is no on or off switch.

You really need to have patience, time, love and understanding for your dog. The dog sets the pace! We cannot give a time schedule for this. You will certainly see improvements in those 3 months if you follow the directions faithfully.