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Webinar & Coaching

Learn more about dogs! 

You don't need to go out, you can stay at home with your dog and learn more about dogs from your lazy chair. 

We give in 3 languages (English, German and Dutch) online (also private) webinars and workshops about:

  • How to build a Snuffle Garden for your dog/shelter/dogschool etc.
  • What is Separation Anxiety and how can I teach my dog stay home alone?
  • How can I give my ex-straydog /shelter dog a good start after adoption?

We give one-on-one workshops, on fixed dates (see the calender), and for groups we have special prices (e.g. dogschools, shelters etc.). Send us a mail for more info.

Does your dog got behaviour problems? Book online a consult

I have been a speaker on the 2020 annual dog trainer event of the PDTE.

The workshop "how to build a snuffle garden has already been attended by more than 300 people worldwide. 

Read here more about my several partnerships.

I'm full member from  Pet dog trainers Europe (PDTE) and member of The Dog Welfare Alliance and ICAN. 

These organizations all stand for dog-friendly training methods. Click on below logo's for more information.

Joy the the online PDTE annual conference / AGM on 25 & 26 September. 

There are amazing speakers. You can find more information and register yourself via 

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